James Edward Gray: Associative Arrays and Ruby Hashes

Yesterday I put out a little screencast showing some ways of Creating Ruby Hashes. James Edward Gray II pinged me on Twitter and basically said “Great screencast! Ooh, but you forgot this! Ooh, and this! And this!” and so of course there was nothing to do for it but invite him to do a pairing screencast with me.

This video is a bit of a weird hybrid. You get 7 minutes of podcall, then 18 minutes of screencast, then another 12 minutes of podcall. James shows off some of the “hot new awesomeness” of Ruby 1.9, and then points out that this awesomeness has been around for a couple of years and nobody’s using it, in spite of it having been in the current Pickaxe for nearly as long. Along the way we talk about regular expressions, testing dogma, and the importance of never squashing creativity in the open source community. All in all, an incredibly fun time for me. James threatened to come back and do another one with me on regular expressions, and I’m mentioning it here in writing so that everybody knows I plan on taking him up on that offer.

No podcast, because half of it is us typing into a shared screen session. But here’s the video. You may need to watch it on Vimeo or download it to see the font clearly.

Associative Arrays with James Edward Gray II from David Brady on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “James Edward Gray: Associative Arrays and Ruby Hashes

  1. David Brady Post author

    Awesome! Thanks! I love the accidental serendipity that the screen appears in the movie right where we are looking on our monitors, so it looks like we’re looking at the screen in the video.

  2. David Brady Post author

    Actually, yes and no–I had to chase down the scratch video I made and rewatch it to figure out what was going on. Turns out that Hash[[[1,2], [3,4]]] won’t work in 1.8.6… but DOES work in 1.8.7! That’s what threw me. I tend to not think of 1.8.7 as being a “real” ruby because all my production boxes are 1.8.6 or 1.9, but the laptop I was on when I made the screencast was on 1.8.7. Check your ruby version–if you’re on Ruby 1.8, I’ll wager your on a late patch revision of 1.8.7. Thanks!

  3. David Brady Post author

    Ignorance, I think.

    I wish I was kidding. Maybe I need to be a bit less cynical? Dunno. It seems like a lot of people are coming to Ruby as their first language, and the Pickaxe will teach you the ins and outs of Ruby but not how to program. So I think maybe a lot of n00bs are shying away from it when they could be embracing it. Dunno. Maybe it’s time we wrote a new Ruby book? :-)


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